Rock Star Leadership In the Key of … “See”




So can music really teach a leader how to be a Rock Star Leader?!

Well, let’s see what M-U-S-I-C has to offer:

  • “M” reminds us to always strive to Motivate Others.

As a Rock Star Leader, it’s not just about helping others to raise their game when it’s convenient, or when you feel like it. It’s about ever-being the role model, the one others look up to, and the one who  doesn’t just play the (Leadership) music, but someone who understands the (Leadership) music – and can explain it to others in increasingly powerfully engaging and relevant ways.

  • “U” suggests we always Utilize our Resources.

A Rock Star Leader knows who’s good at what, who likes doing what, and how to those very skillful (and willful) people to stop what they’re working on, and willingly do what the Rock Star Leader needs done.

  • “S” counsels us to purposefully Stretch and Grow.

Rock Star Leaders are not, to use the vernacular, “One Hit Wonders.” They’re continually upgrading their skills, savvy, power to influence others, and impact – not just by doing whatever they already know how to do, but by improving their “chops” accordingly.

  • “I” informs us to Introspect Regularly.

Even the Rock world’s best “shredders” slow down and do the power ballad thing from time to time. So, too, with Rock Star Leaders. As pianist and composer Arthur Schnabel said, “The notes I handle no better than many pianists. But the pauses between the notes – ah, that is where the art resides.” Pause, introspect, and learn something about yourself and how to be a better leader.

  • “C” recommends that we Collaborate Freely.

Let the creative juices flow. Stretch what’s possible. Push the limits of what you typically do. Mix and Match. If Robert Plant and Alison Krauss can collaborate, and win multiple Grammys for it, surely you can pick up the phone and schedule coffee with that guy down the hall! If Carlos Santana can collaborate with … sheesh! who hasn’t he collaborated with … then so can you. But more importantly, if Mary in marketing and Steve in IT can collaborate together, then so can you!

So go on. Have at it. Let your Rock Star Leader flag fly! The M-U-S-I-C will show you how.

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~ by Barry Zweibel on November 13, 2009.

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