Why Dogs Don’t Enjoy Music

“Anyone with normal hearing can distinguish between the musical tones of a scale: do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do. We take this ability for granted, but among most mammals the feat is unparallelled.”

So reported Sandy Fritz in Scientific American Mind, last year, to the dismay of barking Labradors, woofing bassets, yelping Yorkies — and Rock Star Leaders –, everywhere.

Yet a study conducted by researchers at UCLA, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the Weizmann Institute of Science, concluded that “humans can easily detect frequencies as fine as one twelfth of an octave — a half step in musical terminology. Dogs can only discriminate resolutions of one third of an octave.” (And “dog” employees? Well, they can’t hear even that!)

The implication for Rock Star Leaders is this: You may be, unkowingly, diluting your impact by communicating with your employees  in a too-subtle, or too-convoluted, manner.

Granted, this conclusion has less to do with hearing than understanding, but stay with me.

Subtlety is often considered a more “refined” form of communication. The problem with subtle communications, though, is that they ask the listener — they require the listener — to be much more discerning when listening. And depending on circumstances, that could be asking a LOT from someone.

Too much, perhaps.

Indeed, expecting someone to give you their full and Undivided Attention could be far more than they’re ready for — or capable of — in this busy, distracted, juggling priorities, go-go, world of ours.

So what if we purposefully avoided such splitting of “dog hairs” when we’re sharing our content with others? What if we focused, instead, on talking more clearly and crisply (and in larger octave steps, perhaps?) so that everyone — even those with lesser abilities to listen so carefully — could completely understand what we’re talking about anyway?

What would that sound like, I wonder?

Hopefully, this isn’t too subtle a point to be making for Rock Star Leader readers. I suspect it is not. And i hope that it will encourage (and help) you to communicate more effectively than you might otherwise.

And, hopefully, that will be music to EVERYONE’S ears!

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(excerpted from: http://www.ggci.com/blog2/2008/11/why-dogs-dont-enjoy-music.htm.)

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