Would You Play A One-String Guitar?

You don’t have to be a guitar player to know that a musician would not opt for a one-string guitar, in lieu of the standard six-string instrument. The magic in making music and listening to music comes from the rich harmony of notes and chords. Talented artists mix and mingle the guitar strings to create a range of rhythms and melodies.

Fewer strings would compromise the music and render the guitar barren. The six strings of a guitar parallel our six senses.

So I pose, why do ‘humans’ often opt to utilize one sense, when we have six? Why just hear, when you can see, smell, taste, touch and of course, intuit? Why settle on being ‘rational’, when you can embrace what is relational, emotional, and physical? Imagine the richness of experience that awaits you, if you consciously employed the senses available to us. Performing artists are immersed with the senses daily. Their work is dependent on it. Their world is configured by it.  Are you leading playing a one-string guitar?


Walk around your office space several times. First focus on seeing. After awhile add seeing and hearing. Then pay attention to the smells and the taste in your mouth.

How did your experience change? How does experiencing with all your senses inform what you know, and do? What possibilities do you think await you if you choose to play all six strings? How could it enhance your personal leadership?

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Rochelle Mucha is Managing Director of Business as Performance Art
She can be reached at rochelle@businessasperformanceart.com

Image Source: iuplanet.com


~ by Rochelle Mucha on November 3, 2009.

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